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Superb Sichuan Food in Central, Hong Kong

Get an amazing, indulgent meal that you won’t find anywhere else. Serving amazing Sichuan dishes in enticing platters, San Xi Lou values are spelled out in its name.

The story of San Xi Tang

We derive our name from the Qianlong Emperor's Imperial Study "San Xi Tang".

Qianlong, the fourth emperor of the Qing dynasty, was well known for his capability in martial arts, and high literary ability. His passion for literatures, poems, paintings as well as his collection of calligraphies grew by the days. He then decided to then build an Imperial Study to house these collections and dedicated the name "San Xi Tang" (Three Rarities Study) to his favourite three calligraphies collections by Wang Xizhi, Wang Xianzhi and Wang Xun. All of Qianlong's collections are stamped with the seal of "San Xi Tang". From then on, it became known to the world that any pieces of work bearing the seal of "San Xi Tang" was a truly priceless treasure.

Creating our own treasures

The ‘priceless treasure’ is what we endeavour to create at our restaurant. Every dish, small or large, is met with care and creativity so your taste buds get a truly memorable experience. We are a restaurant for indulgences, serving platters of high quality foods. Take a look at our menu to see what delightful creations we can cook up for you.

Here at   "San Xi Lou", we devote all our attention and energy to create the most delightful and tasteful Sichuan dishes. Taking after the tradition of the Imperial Study "San Xi Tang" dishes created from our kitchen are truly unique and delicious.

Book a table today for an exquisite eating experience in Central, Hong Kong.

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