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Soup Dumpling is one of the classic snacks originated from Shanghai. Famous for its traditional Sichuan and Cantonese
cuisine, San Xi Lou(三希樓) in Hong Kong has recently combined its signature  Sichuan-inspired Spicy Pumpkin Soup
to recreate this Shanhainese delicacy.

While it is true that having delicately thin wrapper is essential to  create the perfect   Xiao Long Bao,  it is  also the meaty
broth that each of these little parcel contains gives it their soul. The Golden "Spicy Pumpkin  Soup" is part of the modern
Sichuan  cuisine's  wave starting to  gain its popularity in the culinary world.   It  is  made from various parts of pork  and
chicken simmered for hours and than pumpkin purée is added into the broth, sieved  to achieve that silky smooth texture
and golden rich color. What's so special about this golden broth is that San Xi Lou has added 5 different chilies, including
pickled pepper, organic chili into the broth for that extra kick, with each type of chili bringing out unique characteristics of
its own, spicy yet sour.   Though this  golden broth may seem milder than the  traditional  red  spicy broth,  it has actually
higher level of spiciness yet less pungent.  Moreover, the sweetness from the pumpkin  purée can balance off the hot and
spicy flavour, making it the perfect fit for soup dumplings that one cannot resist.

Each dumpling contains a little pork meatball that is made from daily fresh semi-fat pork marinated with broth, pre-made
golden broth cubes, scallions and sesame.  The dumpling wrapper has to be thin yet stretchy and it requires exceptional
skills to pleat them perfectly on top of each dumpling.   When the dumpling is steamed,  the  gelatin-rich broth melts out,
filling up the steamed wrapper with savory golden soup, and the meat forming a tender yet delicious sensation.

Spicy Pumpkin Soup goes perfectly well with all kinds of seafood &  meat dishes, other must-try includes Spicy Pumpkin
Soup with Wild-Caught Fish, Sea Crab and Beef.




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