During the Feudal period (1185-1868) of Japan, much of the country was divided and ruled by military lords and their army
of samurai warriors. The samurai warriors had a lifelong allegiance to their lord, therefore when their military lord dies these
warriors became masterless and homeless. These men became known as ‘Ronins’, whose life was tough & only the strong
ones were able to overcome the challenges and move on with life.

We  call ourselves Ronin as we have taken up the spirit of these warriors  to  overcome obstacles and  challenges with the
dedicated goal to serve only the very best to our customers.

Ronin Wanchai is Hong Kong’s first all-you-can eat buffet with no time limit imposed. Enjoy a wide selection of dishes from
fresh sashimi and sushi to grilled skewers,  tempura and sukiyaki, all made to order.  A set lunch menu is also available for
customers who have limited time and are on the go.


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