Hong Kong’s Central Spot for Japanese Cuisine

During the Feudal period (between 1185 and 1868) of Japan, much of the country was divided and ruled by military lords and their army of samurai warriors. The samurai warriors had a lifelong allegiance to their lord, therefore, when their military lord died, these warriors became masterless and homeless. These men became known as ‘Ronins’, and endured an incredibly difficult life. Only the strongest were able to overcome the challenges they faced and move on with life.

The spirit of Ronin

We call ourselves Ronin to commemorate these warriors. Embracing the spirit of Ronin, we are invested in overcoming our own obstacles and challenges, with the dedicated goal of serving only the very best to our customers. Whether it’s coming up with a new and exciting drink, or simply satisfying the cravings of each of our customers, we have our own allegiance to our food and drink creations. For a team that are dedicated to their work, Ronin should be your first choice.

Indulge in fresh seafood

Located in Central Hong Kong, Ronin invites you to savour the fresh and delectable seafood, airfreighted daily from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market. Using the best produce available, our master chefs magically transform these ingredients into exquisite dishes that can be experienced in the heart of Hong Kong. Take a look at our decadent menu to see what exquisite creations we can make for you.

A premium Japanese restaurant, we want to give our customers an authentic experience with every visit. Contact us now and taste our unique combinations, or just stop over for happy hour to try our decadent, flavourful drinks.

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